a student-teacher halloween party

Saturday, November 1:  Tonight the students of our college, SCIC (Sino-Canadian International College at Guangxi University), put on a Halloween party to which all the students and teachers are invited.  It’s fun to wander around seeing many of my 71 students dressed in costume.  I still have trouble remembering their names inside the classroom; outside of the classroom, I am utterly confused. It doesn’t help that they have masks and costumes on, making it even more baffling all around.

It is another hot and sticky night in Nanning, and everyone is sweating in their costumes, some of which are quite heavy.  I am dressed as a bohemian, or a hippie or gypsy, whatever you want to call me, and I want nothing more than to rip off that scarf and long skirt and head back to my air-conditioned apartment.

Unknown friend, Denise, Lancy

Unknown friend, Denise, Lancy (1407)

Helen ? and Grace (1408)

Helen and Grace (1408)

Helen, Grace, Yuki, Estelle and Viv (?)

Helen, Grace, Yuki, Estelle (1408) and Vivian (1407)

Back: Maggie, Unknown, me, Yuki, Estelle.  Front: Sherry

Back: Maggie, Unknown, me, Yuki, Estelle (1408). Front: Vivian (1407)

??, Chris, Michael, ??

??, Chris, Michael, ?? (1407)

??. ?? and Albert (1408)

??. ?? and Albert (1408)

Leo & Lucy??

Leo (1408) & Lucy?? (1407)

One of the teachers, Reed, and a random student nurse

One of the teachers, Reed, and a random student nurse

Louis, Richard's girlfriend and fellow teacher Richard

Louis, Richard’s girlfriend and fellow teacher Richard

Witches stirring a brew

Witches stirring a brew

Stone (1408) & fellow teacher Coulton

Stone (1408) & fellow teacher Coulton

Fellow teachers Matt and Matt and Matt's wife

Fellow teachers Matt and Matt and Matt’s wife

random white masked fellows

random white masked fellows

Someone helps Lancy put on a mask

Someone helps Lancy put on a mask

Random students

Random students

Fellow teacher Karen

Fellow teacher Karen

Fellow teacher Caleb and Albert, one of my star students (1408)

Fellow teacher Caleb and Albert, one of my star students (1408)

Some kind of hopscotch (??) game with some round-headed fellas

Some kind of hopscotch (??) game with some round-headed fellas

Random student in a flowery dress and white feathered Indian headdress

Random student in a flowery dress and white feathered Indian headdress

Vivi, Robin's boyfriend, and Robin

Vivi, Robin’s boyfriend, and Robin

One of my students

Eva ??


Lily or Lucy?

Estelle and Kitty

Estelle and Kitty

Lacey from the Student Union (the one who brought my birthday cake) and me. :-)

Lacey from the Student Union (the one who brought my birthday cake) and me. 🙂

Jordan in the middle

Vera (1407), Jordan in the middle (1408), and ??


Martin (1408)

Martin unveiled

Martin unveiled (1408)

Albert, ?? and ??

Albert, Tab?? and ??


Fiona (1408)

Arrow and possibly Rick and Livinston?? (1407)

Arrow and possibly Rick and Livingston?? (1407)

It is fun to see the students out and about with their friends having a grand time.  They spend most of the night, from what I can tell, taking pictures of each other.

I can never find any kind of drink at the party, so I leave relatively early and stop at the market, where I buy six various types of soft drinks, juices and yogurt drinks.  I am exhausted from an earlier trek during the day to Wal-Mart, over 1 1/2 miles from my house, where another teacher and I bought a ton of things thinking we would get a taxi home.  We couldn’t get a taxi, and it was raining on top of that, so we had a pretty miserable walk home, burdened by our heavy purchases!  I am really in no mood to party after that misadventure!

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14 thoughts on “a student-teacher halloween party

  1. Hi Kat, I’m feeling lazy today. I tried to have a sleep after lunch but it didn’t work. It’s very sunny but the house is cold inside and I’m well wrapped up. So you were hot and clammy during your Halloween party….. I’d have found some excuse to go back to my airconditioned room early. I know I’d be far happier there with my laptop or a good book and a glass of wine.


    • Lucky you to be feeling lazy and to be able to indulge yourself, Dai. I felt very lazy today, but sadly I had to get up and go to work and then I had to mark 37 papers today. I’ll have to do the same tomorrow, plus I’ll have an additional class. I would prefer to cuddle up with a blanket and read a good book myself. As a matter of fact, when I left that Halloween party, that’s exactly what I did, and I really enjoyed doing that more than sweating away at that party. I once was such a party girl, Dai, but I’m really just not any more. I much prefer quiet nights these days.

      That heat wave passed quickly thank goodness as it rained all weekend and today was much cooler. It was the first nice day I’ve had since I arrived. Maybe there is hope after all for a couple of months of more pleasant weather. I hope so anyway. 🙂 Cheers!


      • Good morning/afternoon, Kat. I used to go to lots of parties when I was young and handsome but apart from the rare one, I can’t say that I ever really enjoyed them. I much preferred get togethers and meals with close friends/family either at home or in a pleasant restaurant. One thing that I didn’t like at parties when people had a little too much drink and started to talk nonsense. I still hate that. I love to have a drink and even feel starry sometimes but I always want to be in control of myself. Of course I’ve had my moments in life when I’ve had a bit too much but I can count those on one hand. These days I do enjoy having a glass of something with the family and when friends drop in for a couple of beers. I avoid all parties and that includes wedding parties and festival parties too. Sometimes I think I might be an old stick in the mud hehehe. My most magic times these days are when I’m immersed in nature. I love plants, trees, flowers, mountains, lakes, countryside and frankly I wouldn’t care if I never stepped into a city again in my life. I would never want to be too isolated so I would always want family around and a vehicle to make shopping expeditions. If I have the people I love, my music collection, my dog, TV and internet, I am the happiest guy in the world. Hey Kat, I am getting carried away here so enjoy your day and talk to you soon. Dai


      • Dai, I understand perfectly about the parties because I’m the same way. I really don’t like large gatherings and prefer a small group of friends and a quiet evening myself. I used to be a big party girl when I was younger, but I get mostly bored by big parties nowadays. I guess I must be a stick-in-the-mud too!

        As far as nature, I’m the same. I’m happiest when I’m outside where there are beautiful views, fresh air, a nice breeze, trees, flowers, mountains. lakes. I love nothing better than a lovely walk in the countryside with my camera in my hand. As you can imagine, it’s tough for me to live in the city, especially a city with as little culturally to offer as Nanning. I wouldn’t mind living in a city if it were Lisbon or Barcelona for example. Even Beijing or Shanghai or Hong Kong would offer a lot more than this city. 🙂

        It’s amazing how alike we are, Dai. I miss my family when I’m abroad, but at least I talk to them often, especially Mike, who will come to visit in February and travel around China with me. But I also love travel, and if I can’t do that, I start to get very grumpy indeed. I’m not a big TV watcher but I do love to watch movies and listen to music and read. But plotting my travels and actually getting out and about for outings are my favorite pastimes (and photography and writing my blog!)

        Hope you have a nice Thursday. I love Thursdays because I don’t have classes until 2:40. 🙂


      • Hi Kat, since my last comment I’ve had a bucket shower in a freezing bathroom. Brrrrrrrrrr but I do feel great now. I’m just about to take Flocky for her morning walk and it’s very sunny outside so I’ll soon get warm. I could be happy living in a city, Kat because I am happy anywhere as long as I have a clean place to live and a good balcony where I can grow some plants. But being in a city is far from ideal for me. Well you know the rest about my yearning to be surrounded by nature and greenery. It’s funny you said ‘Lisbon’ Kat because that’s one of the places where we could end up. We have been looking at Lisbon for some weeks and finding out everything about it and Portugal. I’m sure though that if I do make it there it won’t be long before I’m thinking of a lonely place in the countryside. I’m too old for all this I think. We have a family member living in Lisbon. He’s a Nepali and lives there with his wife and child. Talk to you soon. I’m cold and need to get out for some sunshine.


      • That bucket shower sounds like a shock to the system, Dai! Yikes! I don’t think I’d like that very much, but I’m sure it is invigorating. Wow, if you end up in Lisbon, I will be there to visit for sure! Haha. I went there after I left Oman, and I really did love Portugal. Sintra is even better than Lisbon. I think you would love it there too. I hope you warmed up on the sunny day. We’re inundated with rain here, which makes me go stir crazy. I’m determined not to let it keep me in. I’m going to venture out today to the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities. I guess a museum is about all you can do on a rainy day, either that or stay inside or shop (and I don’t want to spend money!) Have a great Friday, Dai. 🙂


  2. Seemss like the youngsters all had a lot of fun, Cathy. You look so lovely in your outfit. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Sylvia. The students seemed to be having a great time and they really dressed up in style! I’m glad you like my “bohemian” outfit; it wasn’t that different from what I wear in the classroom, minus the headscarf! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It looked like the students were really entering into the spirit of it with their costumes. I think I’d be like you, and prefer to be in the cool airconditioned appartment rather than being at a fancy dress party!


    • Hi Elaine, yes those students really dressed up to the hilt. They went all out. I didn’t stay at the party long; I was much more comfortable back in my cozy apartment, lounging around in my pajamas! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Tell me about hot & sticky not being fun! Had no idea Halloween was big in China. Love you gypsy/Bohemian look Cathy 🙂


    • Madhu, thanks for dropping by. I’ve been hot and sticky in Nanning ever since I arrived in September. Only this past Sunday did it start cooling off. I heartily welcome cooler weather!

      I really don’t know how extensive Halloween is in China; this college is Sino-Canadian International College (SCIC) and because of the Canadian connection and the fact that it’s all English curriculum, maybe that’s why SCIC students had the party. I really am not sure if Halloween celebrations are widespread in China. 🙂


  5. Just found this one, Cathy 🙂 I want one of those Alien heads to hide behind!
    I’m not fussed on Halloween but it is fun seeing everyone dressed up. Hope you’ve waded through all those exam papers at last!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The exams are marked now and all my marks have been turned in. I told them if there are any problems, they should let me know by today because I’m on a train tomorrow morning at 9:35!! I can’t wait to get away for this unexpected holiday. 🙂


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