making my way out of ping’an for a hike to longji ancient village

Friday, November 21:  This morning I wake up to find my back is miraculously better.  It was either the five Ibuprofen I took last night or the extreme naps I took yesterday afternoon, but waking up with no back pain means I’m game to hike to Longji Ancient Zhuang Village.  Even my stomach is feeling a little better but I’m really not sure how much I trust it to behave.  I do go ahead and eat some scrambled eggs and toast and drink some coffee.

I have studied the map and am told by the receptionist that the hike to Longji is about a half hour beginning from Viewpoint 2: Seven Stars with Moon. I don’t remember seeing a path marked to Longji near Viewpoint 2, but I walk through the village and up the mountain, keeping my eyes peeled for a path heading to the west.  I see some cute businesses and interesting masks along the way.

Coffee house in Ping'An

Coffee house in Ping’An

masks in Ping'an

masks in Ping’an

On my way up the mountain, I find some better views of Seven Stars with Moon.  I like how it looks in the morning fog.  I do see a path about halfway up the mountain, but it doesn’t say anything about Longji, so I continue up the mountain.

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

I am so tempted to buy some of the textiles but I never do.  I will definitely need to pick some up when I return again.

textiles for sale

textiles for sale

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

terraces at Seven Stars with Moon

terraces at Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

While I’m walking up the hill, there are these little viewing platforms where people can rent costumes and pose in front of Seven Stars with Moon.  A Dutch lady is sitting on one of the benches taking a rest and I sit down beside her to catch my breath.  When I do, I can’t help but look at some of the photos spread out on a table taken of tourists in the costumes.  When I find it’s about 20 yuan ($3.25) for the costume rental and the photo, I can’t help but try it out.  It’s kind of funny and the Dutch lady follows suit and gets some photos made herself.  We get a lot of laughs out of this!

Yours truly in traditional costume with Seven Stars with Moon in the background

Yours truly in traditional costume with Seven Stars with Moon in the background

Me in costume

Me in costume

After my little photo-op, I continue up the mountain to where the horseshoe-shaped arrangement of shops are, and I make a restroom stop.  My stomach doesn’t feel great, but nothing untoward is happening, so I figure I’m safe to continue my journey. I heard from some other tourists at the hostel that the path is about a half hour through the woods, so I figure if I can always go in the woods if necessary.

Seven Stars with Moon

Seven Stars with Moon

I still don’t see any path marked to Longji, so I decide to walk back down the mountain to the unmarked path I saw.

up the hills

up the hills & back down again

At the point where I see the path heading west, I ask some Chinese tourists: “Longji?” They nod and point down the trail.  I’m going off into new territory alone, with no guide and a map about the size of a 1 yuan bill.  I can hardly read the map without a magnifying glass.  But the path seems to be paved with stones, not just some dirt path, so I head off.  I figure I’ll go ahead as long as the trail does.

beginning on the trail to Longji Ancient Village

beginning on the trail to Longji Ancient Village

You can come along on my walk, but you’ll have to wait till the next installment. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “making my way out of ping’an for a hike to longji ancient village

  1. As usual, I’m working backwards, Cathy 🙂 What a cute peasant girl you make! Fun in the mountains 🙂 I hope it carries on that way!
    You obviously load your photos correctly because I can magnify them. I haven’t mastered this trick yet. Do you load into the Media Library before you put them in a post, Cathy? I just upload straight into the post. I was trying to get a closer look at the rice terraces because it’s still not clear to me whether the half moon shapes are stone path, water, or plants. I must need my eyes testing as well as my brain. 🙂
    Hugs, darlin! Hope you’re well and not too exhausted. What an adventure!


    • Hi Jo, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I need to be better at responding to comments… and I don’t even have nearly the number you do! It’s hard enough for me to find time just to write a post and upload photos.

      Speaking of uploading photos, I guess I do upload them into the Media Library, but it’s really within the post. I don’t upload them separately before I write the post. In other words, I’m writing the post and I click on Add Media at the top of the post. Then within that, I click upload files and then Select files, where I then select the photos from my computer. Isn’t that the only way we can upload photos? I don’t know any other way to do it.

      The half moon shapes are the terraces filled with water and maybe some seedlings or remnants of the already harvested rice.

      I’m more exhausted by work than by the travel, Jo. Even when I’m sick, it’s more fun than work. I need another job, Jo!! Actually, I’d prefer to not work at all. 🙂


      • Oh! Oh! 🙂 Retirement will come your way before you know it, sweetheart, but I can remember longing to be out of ‘the rat race’.


      • Yes, I know, Jo. I probably could stop working and just stay in Virginia with Mike, but I doubt he’d pay for all my travels if he wasn’t coming along. I continue to do this just to be able to travel in foreign lands; I guess I just have to put up with it, or else stay home and be lazy and curtail my travel extensively. 🙂


      • And I meant to say, yes that’s what I do with photos. M-R’s post suggests something a little different but my brain was too small to take it in 🙂


  2. What a great costume to try on!


    • They had so many to choose from, Gilly. The Dutch lady picked a pretty emerald green costume, which looked good on her but would have looked horrid on me. 🙂


  3. If you’re going to play dress ups, this is the way to do it. What a lovely costume.


  4. That costume suits you so well, Cathy, and really makes you sparkle 🙂


  5. You are very adventurous, Cathy. Love the photos of you in traditional dress, but I think the hat is a bit ‘Over the top’. 🙂


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