massages and a day of rest :-)

Thursday, January 29: This morning, we both wake up feeling sicker than ever.  Out the window, we can see it is raining heavily.  Besides that, Mike was kept awake all night by a bunch of Chinese people having a barbecue on the street outside of our window.  Apparently they were talking, laughing and partying until the wee hours.  I was oblivious to the whole affair as I can sleep though any noise, including my own snoring.  🙂

Because of his awful night of sleep, and being sick on top of that, Mike is feeling pretty grumpy, which is unusual for him.  I am too, but at least I have more holiday after he leaves.  I already know my whole holiday will not be ruined by bad weather, as the forecast for Yunnan province is for sunny skies and in the 60s (F) and Myanmar’s is for hot weather (90s) and sunshine every day.  I feel so bad for Mike that we are near the end of our time together, and the weather forecast is for nothing good ahead.  Even if we were to stay 10 more days in Yangshuo, the forecast would still be for continual rain and cold.

Mike has been an extremely good sport about the whole thing.  I have not been such a good sport because I wanted him to see the best of China.  I had a great time in Yangshuo in October, and I wanted him to have the same experience.  Because of his demanding work schedule, this will probably be his only holiday this year, and it’s been ruined.  He has tried to put a positive spin on it, enjoying it for the cultural experience it has been.  Meanwhile, I have felt sad, angry, frustrated, and irritated.  Besides the fact that his vacation has been ruined, mine has too!  I haven’t been able to take any decent photos or to do the activities, such as hiking and bicycling, that I hoped to do.

Mike asks the hotel staff if we can change rooms and move away from the street.  He doesn’t want to suffer through another night of no sleep.  So we pack up our stuff and move to another room, one that has a little alcove with a tea table in it.  It’s kind of cute.

After moving, we go out for breakfast at the Rosewood Cafe and then go for hour-long whole body massages.  We return to the hotel room and put on our pajamas.  We stay in the rest of the day, reading, sleeping, snacking and talking.

Mike in our new hotel room, in his pajamas. :-)

Mike in our new hotel room, in his pajamas. 🙂

During this time, as we can see the forecast is for more of the same in Yangshuo, we decide we will leave Yangshuo one day early and return to Guilin. We’ll lose the money for our hotel in Yangshuo for one night, but as it was cheap, only $35, we don’t care.  We book a room back at the Guilinyi Royal Palace for Friday night, so we can have all of our creature comforts.  We must catch a train from Guilin to Nanning on Saturday morning, so we can have a more leisurely time by going to Guilin a day early.

The only time we leave the room is in the evening, when the rain has abated a bit, to eat a Chinese dinner at Cloud 9.


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14 thoughts on “massages and a day of rest :-)

  1. Cold and wet but how is the stomach these days?


    • I haven’t had many stomach issues these days, Jude, thank goodness. But I’m very careful where and what I eat these days. I just hope I can survive the food for 4 more months. 🙂

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  2. Damn weather, Kat. I’m sorry it’s not sunny for you. Yesterday in Kathmandu was cold and the wind howled. It went with my mood and sadness at having to leave Flocky and the family today.


    • Yes, that what I thought too, Dai. That weather made our vacation very unpleasant. I’m sure having bad weather when you left made you feel extra sad. It does seem to exaggerate our moods, doesn’t it?

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      • I haven’t left yet Kay. We’ll be leaving about 5 pm today unless I suddenly drasticate the situation.
        I just don’t want to go I guess but I should go. Will you be teaching today ?


      • Oh, I thought you’d left. Bon voyage, Dai.

        Yes, I will teach today. I have classes from 10:30-12 and again from 2:40-4:10. I really like the late start on Mondays, but I don’t like the split day. 🙂

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  3. How frustrating with rain! Poor Mike looks like he can hardly fit by that table. He’s just so much taller than the normal Chinese.



    • That table was in a little alcove and was very short, Nancy. I think it’s meant to be sat at on a pillow like that. He is much taller than most Chinese though. 🙂

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  4. What a big disappointment for you both, but a rest day and time to talk would be a day well spent.


    • Yes, Pauline, we did really enjoy our day. I am always so much on the go on my holidays, that it was nice to be forced to truly relax. I think it did help me recover more quickly from my bad cold. 🙂


  5. That’s a lovely photo of Mike, Cathy. 🙂 What a nice guy he is!
    Working backwards as usual! Off to t’ai chi now 🙂 🙂


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