an outing to the guangxi science & technology museum

Sunday, March 29: On weekends when I’m stuck in Nanning, I search desperately for something, anything, to do.  This town doesn’t have much of cultural or historical interest.  It really doesn’t offer much at all, other than shopping or dining, and even that isn’t great. So today, as I’ve had it on my list of things to see in Nanning, I go out to the Guangxi Science and Technology Museum. Several people told me it was worth seeing.  After visiting, I can say without a doubt that unless you are taking children along, this is not a place an adult will find of much interest.

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

The museum looks impressive from the outside, with its big ball jutting out from the facade.

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Just inside the entrance is pretty impressive as well, with its glass ceiling and an oversized robot.

Inside the Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Inside the Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Robot inside the entrance to the Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Robot inside the entrance to the Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

After that, there are several floors with interactive areas where mostly kids are running around playing, screaming and acting like, well, children.  It’s really just an oversized fancy playground for children.  A children’s museum, basically.  No one bothered to tell me this, so I really feel out-of-place as most people here are parents with their children, or teenage star-crossed lovers hanging out together.

As most of you may know, I’m not a lover of small children.  I always loved my own children, of course,  but other people’s children I’m not terribly fond of.  I have little tolerance or patience for them, and probably was never meant to be a mother.   Some of us have that motherhood gene, and some of us just don’t.

So, after making the rounds, I escape the noise and screaming and go back outdoors, where I take some parting shots.

parting shots at the end of the museum

parting shots at the end of the museum

Leaving the museum

Leaving the museum

pretty little garden

pretty little garden

across the street

across the street

arbor fever

arbor fever

It’s been a month since my big winter holiday of travels through China and Myanmar, and I’ve been back to work for three weeks.  I’m okay during the work week, but when the weekend comes I get itchy feet to go explore someplace new.  I think I need to go further afield because Nanning just doesn’t have much of interest.

During the week, I taught my classes, watched a lot of episodes of Scandal, had several lunches with colleagues, watched The Wolf of Wall Street, went to the theater to watch Kingsman Secret Service, and wrote a number of blog posts about my travels with Alex in Yunnan.  Oh, how I’m ready to travel again!

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19 thoughts on “an outing to the guangxi science & technology museum

  1. Again ? Haven’t you had enough recently ? I would give all museums a miss anyway. You know that I’m not nuts about the usual tourist magnets. Kat, I’m also not nuts about other people’s children, just the same as you.


    • You’d think I would have had enough already, Dai. But always the optimist, against all the odds, I still believe there MUST be something here in Nanning worth seeing! Haha, about other people’s children, Dai. You and I have many similar preferences. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know. But you go into museums and old churches/temples. I only go in them to keep someone happy


      • I go into museums only when it’s raining and there’s nothing else to do, Dai, but you’re right, I do really enjoy going into old churches and temples. 🙂


  2. At least there were photo ops.

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  3. Not much longer to wait!


  4. At least you got some good pictures out of it. That robot inside the museum was incredible! Too bad the rest of it was geared only for children. But not everything you do will be a winner and that’s how it goes when you travel.



    • I’m always happy to get some colorful pictures, Nancy. There isn’t much in Nanning that’s a winner, but when I can get out of Nanning, I often find many fabulous things. 🙂

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  5. I agree – it looks like a great museum for children! It must have been torture to you being there with lots of excitable children. 😦


    • Yes, Elaine, with my low tolerance for screaming and out-of-control children, it wasn’t fun. I took my colorful pictures and I was quickly out of there. 🙂


  6. Great external architecture though! And maybe you should have released your inner child Cathy and had fun on the exhibits, I love visiting science museums which has a lot of interactive stuff, but agree it is probably more fun with children of your own.


    • I did like the external architecture, Jude. Haha, that’s funny about releasing my inner child. I don’t think I even have an inner child, but if I did, it would be the kind of child that would want to be riding horseback out in nature, not playing around in some science museum! I did do a couple of fun things there, but there weren’t that many interesting interactive exhibits, and I was quickly bored. 🙂


  7. That arbour photo is such a contrast to the other photos I wondered if you were still in Nanning…


  8. You’re not alone in your lack of appreciation of other children. I have two and love them dearly, but probably would have been just as happy in life without them. And I find as I ‘mature’, I have no tolerance for badly behaved children, or noisy children or, now that I think about it, children in public places LOL. I don’t like it when I’m seated next to a table of young children any more – well behaved or not. I feel I’ve ‘moved beyond that’. Love the architecture and the pretty flower gardens. – Suzan –


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