a final journey to ping’an and the longji rice terraces

Friday, June 26: I have been determined to see the rice terraces one more time before I leave China, but the idea of it has been daunting.  The journey takes so long, with numerous transfers and hassles, and I have no more 3-day weekends to spread out the effort it takes to get there.  Besides, after fighting hordes of people in Shanghai on the Labor Day holiday in early May, I resolved not to travel on any more holiday weekends in China.  Nonetheless, I gather my courage about me and commit to the journey by buying the train tickets and reserving my hotel in Ping’An.

This afternoon, immediately after my classes end at noon, I make haste to the front gate to catch the bus to the train station. After catching the 1:15 p.m. fast train at Nanning Railway Station, I arrive in Guilin at 3:45.  I go out to the bus stop on the street directly in front of the Guilin train station, where I take bus 91 to the Qin Tan Bus Station, arriving there at 4:00. Then I take the next local bus at the bus station for Longsheng, telling the ticket agent I want to get off at Heping. When we finally get underway from Qin Tan, it is 4:33.

When I arrive at Heping at 6:15, it’s too late in the day to take the regular bus up to the Ping’An parking lot, so I pay a driver at Heping to take me up the mountain 35 minutes to the Ping’an parking lot. It’s a long and winding road over mountains, and I am finally dropped at the Ping’An parking lot at 6:50.  From there, I pay the entrance fee to Ping’An and walk through the gate and up and up and up to the Longji International Youth Hostel, arriving at 7:05.

a woman at work in the garden in Ping'an Village

a woman at work in the garden in Ping’An Village

Even without much delay between the various legs of the trip, it’s a 7 hour trip door to door, as I left the university at noon and arrived slightly after 7:00!  Upon arrival, I immediately order a Tsingtao beer and have a seat on the deck of the hostel to watch people scurrying about in the village.

View of Ping'An Village from the deck of the Longji International Youth Hostel

View of Ping’An Village from the deck of the Longji International Youth Hostel

After my beer, I order dinner as I haven’t eaten anything all day.  With all the stomach problems I’ve been having in China, I didn’t dare eat anything that might upset my stomach when I had such a long trip ahead of me.  I eat some eggs with leeks, and settle in at an early hour, reading my book, The Sandcastle Girls, by Chris Bohjalian.

Ceiling art in the common room at the Longji International Youth Hostel

Ceiling art in the common room at the Longji International Youth Hostel

I have to get plenty of rest because I have a long hike before me tomorrow. I’m so happy to be here once again, because after all the traveling I’ve done in China, I’ve decided the rice terraces are my favorite place.

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24 thoughts on “a final journey to ping’an and the longji rice terraces

  1. And I’m so happy to be reading about your Chinese adventures again! Hugs, Cathy! 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Jo! I can’t wait to post the pictures. I’m working on one post now, so maybe it will be up tomorrow. It was so nice to see the terraces in green, because when I went the first time, they were golden, which was also lovely, but different! Did you have many trick-or-treaters?


      • The 3rd lot just dropped by. 🙂 We’re going to take any leftover sweets out with us on Monday for the walkers.
        It must be quite hard to get back into writing it after all this time and taking up your American life again? Not restless yet, I hope? Nice to be ‘back in the bosom’? 🙂


      • It is hard to get back to my blogging routine after so much time off, Jo. But I’m going to make a big effort in the coming months. Of course, I’m always restless, but I need to stay home for a while. There are some lovely things about being home, although whenever I’m home, I can’t help but think of my adventures abroad. 🙂 xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hooray! I’ve been missing your Chinese adventures – I’m glad to see them here again. 🙂
    What a long and complicated journey that was – not for the faint hearted.


  3. Good to see you Cathy, have you set up another blog?


    • Thanks, Gilly. No, I haven’t set up another blog, although I do have “nomad, interrupted” where I will also post now that I have time. I still have some posts to finish from China and a lot from Myanmar, but I hope to get into a regular routine now that my CELTA course is over! Thanks for checking in, Gilly. 🙂


  4. Like everyone else, I’m pleased to see you here again Cathy. Looking forward to the next instalment of the story.


  5. I have enjoyed all your travels through China! What is your next adventure? Are you staying in the states for a while? Take care my friend! Love your blogs! ❤️


    • Thanks, Theresa! I’m so glad you enjoyed my adventures in China. I’m not planning to go anywhere for a while as I have a lot to take care of at home. I do feel the wanderlust though, and I fear that will never stop. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words! Hugs xxx


  6. Good to see you again, Cathy. What a journey you’ve had. Love the ceiling art. 🙂


  7. I think that after that journey, the first thing I’d have done would be to order a beer and relax. These days Lisbon has gone much colder so I’m drinking far more wine than beer.


    • That’s exactly what I did, Dai. You know me very well. I’ve started drinking more red wine than beer now too, as it is getting colder here as well. Keep warm, friend! xxx


      • It’s 12:48 pm here, Kat, but I’m thinking of going to bed to nurse a nasty cold and cough. It’s not what I want but I’m not feeling like going anywhere today


      • Oh no, Dai, I’m so sorry to hear about that. Take care of yourself and be warm. The hot water bottle sounds like a good remedy, that and a good book!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well I’ve got a book now, Kat. Can you believe that usually when I start reading a book, I fall asleep ? Same when I watch a movie or get my hair cut. Seems like I can’t relax without dropping off


      • Haha, I’m exactly the same, Dai. I don’t fall asleep at movies, unless I’m on my couch at home watching. But I can usually only read at most two pages of a book at night before I’m sound asleep! I also fall asleep while getting pedicures. 🙂


      • Glad to know that it’s not only me. I usually have to flight to keep awake in cinemas and once in luxurious reclining seats in a Brussels cinema, I watched the movie while I was sound asleep. My friends told me I was snoring too. What an embarrassment I can be.


      • You made me laugh out loud with that one, Dai! I’m always snoring when I fall asleep, and believe me, I get lots of complaints about it. I even grind my teeth and even talk unintelligibly when I sleep, or at least that’s what people report! We’re both apparently equally embarrassing!

        Liked by 1 person

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